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Innovative Litigation Funding Harnessing the Power of Artificial Intelligence.

Apex provides access to justice funding small to medium size cases. If you win your case, we receive a share of the awards. If you lose, there is nothing to pay.

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We use artificial intelligence to inform our risk assessment and decision-making.

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We offer non-recourse litigation investments with quick turnarounds.

Litigation funding is where a third party provides the financial resources to enable litigation or arbitration cases to proceed. If the case is won, the funder receives an agreed share of the proceeds of the claim. If the case is unsuccessful, the funder loses its money, and nothing is owed by the litigant.

Apex brings together experts from the legal and finance sectors to provide third party litigation funding to corporates, liquidators, and individuals unable to pursue a claim due to the prohibitive cost of litigation.

Innovative Litigation Finance

We launched Apex to provide meritorious claimants with a better litigation funding solution. With quick funding decisions, lower minimum claim sizes and cutting-edge technology, Apex will help you succeed in enforcing your rights.

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Oct 26, 2020

Litigation funding specialists, Apex Litigation Finance have announced the appointment of Stephen Allinson, Solicitor and Licensed Insolvency Practitioner, as their new Head of Legal.

Stephen is a credit, debt and insolvency specialist who has worked in the field since 1987. His extensive background also includes setting up his own consultancy and before that he was a Business Recovery and Insolvency Partner at a major law firm. As well as acting as a consultant within the legal field, Stephen also pursues other projects in the legal, insolvency and credit fields, and is a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Law.

In addition to Stephen’s extensive licensed insolvency work, he has also been an Associate Member of the Association of Property and Fixed Charge Receivers. A multi-disciplinary consultancy whose council is selected through leading members of combined professions, to offer professional support in property, legal and insolvency matters.

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