Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Apex have a minimum claim value before considering to fund?

No. We are interested in funding cases of all sizes, although we have particular expertise in funding low to medium value cases (£100k to £5m in value).

Who can apply for litigation funding?

Apex is able to assist corporates, individuals and liquidators of failed businesses.

What do you require from a potential claimant in order to consider a case?

In order to properly to assess the risk, we like to see and evaluate the following items before a decision can be reached:

The principal documents relied on in the case.

  • Any witness statements that have been prepared.
  • Any Court documents that have been filed.
  • A written legal opinion dealing positively with the merits.
  • Any pre-issue correspondence exchanged with the defendant.
  • A written estimate of the costs to be incurred in pursuing the claim.

However, we do recognise that, depending on the stage the preparations of the case have reached, some of these documents might not be immediately available.

What are the advantages of litigation funding?

The obvious advantage of litigation finance is to transform the bargaining power of financially challenged or impecunious claimants against better-resourced defendants. Apex helps provide those taking action against large companies with the resources needed to fight a protracted legal battle.

Claimants who have the ability to self-fund benefit from sharing the cost risk of the litigation and having an expert investor confirm that the case is financially viable.

Will Apex pay part of the costs if a client does not need funding for all of the costs?

Yes, Apex can provide funding for all or part of the costs of an action depending on the needs of the claimant.

How much do I repay if the case is lost?

As the funding is a non-recourse investment in the litigation, should the case lose then there is nothing to repay to Apex.

What do I pay Apex upon the successful conclusion of a case?

Apex requires repayment of all deployed capital and payment of the pre-agreed fee on each successful case. The payment of these amounts will be handled by your solicitors as instructed in our agreement.

How long does it take for Apex to decide to make an offer of funding?

Apex would expect to make an offer of funding, on acceptable cases, within 10 working days of the receipt of an application.

What control does Apex exert over the cases that it funds?

Apex does not have control over the case and does not have the right to make the claimant accept or decline a settlement offer. The claimant will retain ultimate control of their case.

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