AI-Driven Litigation Risk Assessment

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Apex draws on AI systems developed in house to assess risk. All applications for litigation funding will be initially reviewed by our AI system.

AI-Driven Litigation Risk Assessment

Through the use of AI, Apex is able to predict outcomes and analyse background statistics.

Outcome Prediction

Predict who will win before anyone even sets foot in court.

Settlement Prediction

Predict who will settle before you start litigating.

Timeline Prediction

Receive an estimate of how long the litigation will take.

Costs And Awards

Predict how high the award and the costs of the case will be.

Assesment utilising Artificial Intelligence

In House Assessment

The deployment of AI is enabling the company to speed up the delivery of litigation funding to its client base of solicitors, liquidators, individuals and corporates. By bringing AI in house Apex have the means to fully control the development of AI technology to meet evolving requirements.

Risk Assessment

Artificial Intelligence will allow Apex to process funding decisions faster, provide more competitive terms to claimants and protect investors through better management of risk.

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