Apex Litigation Finance launches second investor fund

Jul 6, 2021

Less than two years since launching the company and its first investor fund, Apex Litigation Finance has begun marketing its second fund. The firm is inviting commitments from investors keen to add an alternative asset class investment to their portfolio.

The UK based litigation funder is seeking to raise £50m to continue its focus on investing in small to mid-size claims. The firm specialises in supporting access to justice for claimants who either cannot afford to pursue their claim or are wary of the financial risk involved should they lose their case.

Speaking about the launch of the Fund, CEO Maurice Power says: “We initially launched a relatively small fund to enable Apex to quickly demonstrate the opportunity present in investing in small and mid-size claims. Since launch we have successfully invested the fund’s capital in a high volume of cases, with claim sizes ranging from £30k to £40m+.

“With our high volume/low value focus, innovative use of predictive analytics technology and supportive funding solutions, we have established Apex as a litigation funder of choice. With funding applications growing at an ever-increasing rate and the pipeline of meritorious cases close to exceeding the first fund’s limit, now is the perfect time to launch our second fund.”

Apex say that litigation finance investments are an attractive alternative asset class as they are decorrelated from equity or fixed income investments. Investors wishing to explore the opportunity available are encouraged to contact Apex on enquiries@apexlitigationfinance.com

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