Apex Litigation Finance report positive market adoption of non-recourse litigation for lower value claims in its first year

Feb 22, 2021

Apex Litigation Finance have announced a successful first calendar year of providing litigation funding targeted at small to medium sized claims. The firm reports positive acceptance of its innovative non-recourse funding model from the legal sector and both individual and corporate litigants.

Since the launch of its first fund in late 2019, the firm has successfully invested in 32 pieces of litigation, with anticipated claim values ranging from £30,000 to £27,000,000. Claim types have included financial mis-selling, professional negligence, intellectual property/copyright, shareholder disputes, breach of contract, contentious probate, group claims and various insolvency related matters.

Apex say that the positive response from investors confirms the attractiveness of a non-recourse model for lower value cases. Its first investor fund closed at the beginning of 2020, and within 12 months it had committed over two thirds of the available capital into funding cases. The firm believes its ability to attract applications and convert enquiries into funded cases further demonstrates the viability of its non-recourse model.

The other significant feature of Apex’s first year has been its commitment to using technology to increase efficiency and reduce costs. By integrating artificial intelligence (AI) legal predictive claim analysis into its business model, Apex have significantly reduced total claim analysis costs – for the firm and its clients.

Apex initially partnered with a third-party AI development team, but in late 2020 brought development in-house. This has allowed Apex to create a tool which will continue to grow with the company and add greater value to its future funding proposition.

Many of the currently invested claims are expected to settle by the end of 2021. Model simulation tests predict a minimum 75-80% positive outcome, which Apex aims to enhance through a rigorous review and fluid investment process.

Maurice Power, CEO at Apex says: “I fully expect 2021 to see Apex firmly established as one of the litigation funders of choice. Plans are already advanced to grow the company, our share of the litigation funding market and the development of our technology.

“Building on our experience in litigation funding, legal review, AI and fund management, we have been successful in developing an investment team that we believe is unique within the industry. Our second investor fund is on course to launch this year and is projected to raise a minimum of ten times the amount secured in the first fund.”

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