Apex Litigation Finance secures £20m funding agreement with Crestline Investors Inc

Nov 6, 2023

Just over four years since its launch, Apex Litigation Finance, a UK-based company providing litigation funding solutions, is thrilled to report that they have secured £20million funding from Crestline Investors Inc, an established provider of alternative investment solutions to support its growth and provide access to justice to more UK Claimants.

With their concentration on investing in small to mid-sized commercial claims in the UK, Apex is dedicated to assisting claimants in accessing justice where they either lack the funds to proceed or are concerned about the financial risk of an unsuccessful lawsuit.

With the number of applications for litigation funding rising and the solutions provided by litigation funding becoming widely accepted, Apex is rapidly becoming the litigation funder of choice, for companies, insolvency practitioners and individuals with small/mid-size commercial claims.

As part of their growth strategy, Apex has now embarked on a swift expansion that involves recruiting additional team members. Maintaining their flexible approach to recruitment, the company is highly focused on finding suitable candidates. The company is eager to connect with people who have a strong enthusiasm for its growth and ambitions, regardless of whether they are familiar with litigation funding, ATE, business development or have an extensive legal background.

Speaking about the relationship with Crestline, CEO Maurice Power says: “I am thrilled to announce the funding facility with Crestline, which allows us to further establish Apex’s position as the litigation funder of choice for claimants with small/mid-size commercial claims in the UK. The Crestline facility will enable Apex to provide funding solutions, and access to justice, to claimants with meritorious matters that are deemed too small for other litigation funders.”

Michael Guy, CIO Europe from Crestline Investors added “We are very supportive of “access to justice” agenda for less well funded claimants which is at the heart of Apex’s solutions and delighted to support Apex through its ramp-up and growth phase.

Prospective applicants wishing to apply for a role are invited to contact Apex and send their most up-to-date C.V. and explain why they would be a great fit.


Crestline were advised by Emissary Partners and Reed Smith and Apex by KingsRock Namier Limited, a specialist advisor in the Litigation Finance sector.



 Apex Litigation Finance Limited 

Apex Litigation Finance Limited is a company which brings together experienced individuals from the litigation funding, legal and finance sectors to provide third party litigation funding to litigants (corporates, liquidators, and individuals) who are unable to pursue a claim due to the prohibitive cost of litigation.

Although the litigant’s case may have merits, uncertainty over the total costs and the potential risk of being ordered to pay the defendant’s costs, should they lose the case, prohibits access to justice for many claimants.

Following an assessment of the merits of the litigant’s case, Apex will commit funds to pay legal and other costs associated with the case in return for an agreed share of any award upon a successful conclusion. If there is no recovery, or if the case is lost, there is no debt for the litigant to repay.

Email: enquiries@apexlitigationfinance.com
Phone: 0208 012 7944 
Website: www.apexlitigationfinance.com

Crestline Investors Inc.

Crestline Investors, Inc., founded in 1997, is a global institutional alternative investment management firm with approximately $17 billion in assets under management. Crestline is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, and maintains affiliate offices in New York, London, Toronto and Tokyo. The firm’s London-based affiliate Crestline Europe, LLP specializes in private capital investments in lower mid-market and mid-market companies, and asset platforms in developed markets of Western Europe, focusing on resilient industry sectors and asset backed investments. In respect of this investment please contact.
Anubhav Vaish
Website: www.crestlineinvestors.com


Apex Litigation Finance secures £20m funding agreement with Crestline Investors Inc

Nov 6, 2023

Litigation funding specialists, Apex Litigation Finance have announced the appointment of Stephen Allinson, Solicitor and Licensed Insolvency Practitioner, as their new Head of Legal.

Stephen is a credit, debt and insolvency specialist who has worked in the field since 1987. His extensive background also includes setting up his own consultancy and before that he was a Business Recovery and Insolvency Partner at a major law firm. As well as acting as a consultant within the legal field, Stephen also pursues other projects in the legal, insolvency and credit fields, and is a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Law.

In addition to Stephen’s extensive licensed insolvency work, he has also been an Associate Member of the Association of Property and Fixed Charge Receivers. A multi-disciplinary consultancy whose council is selected through leading members of combined professions, to offer professional support in property, legal and insolvency matters.

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