Are litigation funders only interested in multi-million pound claims?

Nov 5, 2020

There are a lot of litigation funding myths out there and in this blog we want to talk about the fact and fiction behind one of them.

Many people are put off approaching litigation funders because they believe that funders are only interested in the much larger cases; the cases that have claims worth millions of pounds. However, is that actually the case?

Litigation funding is a fast growing sector. More and more investors are placing their funds into the market as they believe it to be a good investment sector. Courts are frequently acknowledging the value provided by the funders in enabling access to justice. But due to the rapid growth within the sector it means that myths have formed and this has left many potential claimants wary of applying for funding.

The most frequent myth we hear is that litigation funders are only interested in the multi-million pound claims; and it is this myth which we want to tackle in this blog.

Are funders only interested in high value case? Well, the answer is actually yes and no. For the majority of litigation funding organisations it is only the large multi-million pound claims that will be of interest. Several litigation funding organisations have a clear minimum claim value that will need to be exceeded before the company will consider offering any assistance with the case, regardless of the merits of the case

However, there is also a small selection of funders where this is not the case. We are a prime example of these funders, as our focus is on small to medium size claims, as well as being able to provide assistance in the multi-million pound claims. So long as the litigation is meritorious, it passes our risk assessment criteria and makes commercial sense, then we will offer to provide funding.

As the funding we provide is non-recourse, claimants with smaller claims can progress their case to conclusion safe in the knowledge that they have the means to move forward, and secure in the knowledge that should they lose, they will not have to repay the funder.

Here at Apex Litigation Finance, we are one of the few litigation funding companies that will look at your claim, regardless of size.

If you have a case that you may need litigation funding support for, then please contact our team now or complete the contact form on our website. We look forward to helping you win your case soon.

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