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Dec 19, 2022

Constant developments within the world of litigation funding mean that litigation financial support is now more accessible for everyone. Here at Apex Litigation Finance, we are changing the way that litigation funding works to enable everyone with a meritorious case, a real opportunity to access justice.

In the past, applying for litigation funding has been known to be prohibitive, time-consuming and complex. Very often, litigation funders were seen to be slow to respond, difficult to work with and expensive. They would require the case to be exactly the right type of claim and size before they would even look at it. This put huge barriers in the way of those looking for litigation funding as the only means of gaining access to justice.

However, here at Apex Litigation Finance, that is not the case.

As a relatively new litigation finance company we have taken a different approach and work to find funding solutions that truly provide access to justice. Unlike many funders, we are keen to look beyond the typical £1m+ funding requests that many other traditional funders focus on, and enable more claimants to gain the funds needed to pursue their case.

Our litigation funding is available for all different types of commercial disputes. We are also keen to look at claims of all sizes, from £50,000 right through to £500m+.

There are many advantages to using litigation funding. However the biggest advantage, we feel, is that litigation funding provides access to justice to many individuals and SMEs who would not otherwise have the means to bring costly litigation, particularly when faced with a well financed defendant. Many a group action would not have been able to get off the ground were it not for the availability of litigation funding.

If you would like to know more about how litigation funding can help you, or you would like to apply for litigation funding, contact us now. Our friendly and professional team will happily answer any questions that you might have.

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