Litigation funding – What happens if I lose the case?

Oct 28, 2020

When considering launching litigation, you will believe that you are in the right, and that the other party is in the wrong. You also know that you will need professional representation to assist you in winning the case, but this comes at a cost which many struggle to afford. Litigation funding is one available option to lessen the financial impact and risk of any action. But what happens if you lose the claim? Will you be left in debt to the funder? Litigation funding exists to provide financial support to those with a meritorious claim, but who are unable to pursue access to justice due to financial constraints and/or a wish to de-risk the financial impact of pursuing the claim. The funder will assess the merits of the case and, if they are satisfied that the claim has a strong chance of success, they will offer to fund the legal and associated costs. Unfortunately, many claimants have a very real fear about the risk of losing the case and being indebted to the litigation funder, along with the prospect of being ordered to pay the defendant’s costs. However, these fears are removed when you turn to Apex Litigation Finance for your litigation funding. All funding from Apex is on a non-recourse basis, which means that if the claim loses, then there is nothing to repay. Whilst the presence of After The Event (ATE) insurance protects the claimant from any exposure to paying the defendant’s costs. We have created an extremely effective process, with the help from some incredible artificial intelligence technology. This artificial intelligence will tell us everything we need to know about the claim including predictions on the outcome, potential settlement and timeline. This technology and system allows us to offer cost effective funding to cases of all sizes. In the unlikely situation that the case is lost the client loses nothing. Upon a successful conclusion of the case we will take our pre-agreed costs from the amount won. This means we take away the fear and the risk from the claimant, allowing them to focus on winning the case.

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