Who Can Apply For Litigation Funding?

Oct 28, 2020

Litigation can be expensive and fraught with risk. The concern about the high costs of their own legal fees and the risk of being hit with the other side’s costs (should they lose) can be enough to put off any party that is involved in a dispute. By providing funding we are able to help those individuals, liquidators and businesses afford their legal fees and de-risk their position.

Litigation funding is where a third party, Apex Litigation Finance in this case, provides the financial resources to enable costly litigation or arbitration cases to proceed. We will cover all, or some, of the fees for the claimant. If the case is won our investment is returned and we receive an agreed fee from the proceeds of the claim. However, if the case is unsuccessful you will owe us nothing and no fee will be taken to cover our costs.

When you apply for litigation funding, we will review the merits of your case. If we believe your case is likely to win, we will make a formal offer of funding. This offer will contain details of our fee should your case be successful. Our fee is usually a percentage of the damages recovered or a multiple of the amount of money invested in your case. Sometimes we will agree a combination of both. By agreeing this at the outset, both parties are clear on what happens when the case is successful.

High costs and the uncertainty of litigation are both fuelling an emerging market for litigation funding, not just the UK, but also across the world. However, very few litigation funding companies provide assistance on smaller claims, like the team at Apex Litigation Finance do.

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